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Who We Are

Our history:
Nexxspan Healthcare’s origin dates back to 1968 as Fairfield® and 2001 as Lifespan.

Faced with the need to store unsecured medical equipment between the legs or under the arms of someone on a stretcher inside the vehicle, an ambulance driver came up with a rail system to protect the safety of his transport patients. Hospital personnel took notice and requested a similar system for their Emergency Department use.

Soon, Fairfield Medical Products, based in Fairfield, CT, was formed to further develop a rail system with adapters to manage all equipment used in various hospital environments.

The company grew as it responded to the needs of clinicians, helping them create an efficient and effective work environment, and enabling them to provide better patient care. At times, Fairfield® became an attractive acquisition target for different healthcare companies, most notably Herman-Miller and Hill-Rom.

Lifespan Healthcare eventually emerged as a separate company in 2001 to provide rails and accessories, and innovative healthcare products. With this increased product offering, growth continued until it was time for the Nexxt generation of Lifespan.

In January 2014, our name was changed to Nexxspan Healthcare. New leadership expanded our list of partners while continuing to innovate and create products that enhance the quality of life.

Today, Nexxspan Healthcare is a recognized leader in creating and providing equipment management solutions that improve patient outcomes, reduce risk and cut costs – from innovative patient transport products and environmentally appropriate headwalls to an extensive array of storage and equipment management accessories – resulting in increased productivity, safety and a higher level of patient and family centered care.

Our challenge:
Optimal patient care requires quiet, reassuring environments for patients and their families. The work environment for clinicians must be practical but cheerful. Cost effective patient care also requires flexible, adjustable equipment management tools. Capital expenditures and obsolescence must be tightly controlled by using high-quality products that last a long time and can be easily adapted to changing protocols or demographics.

Our mission:
To meet the complex challenges of optimizing patient care, we have learned to listen. Each of our products is based on first-hand understanding of all patient care stakeholders, and we stay in tune with their needs. This has earned Nexxspan an outstanding reputation for responsiveness — not only to the ultimate users like nurses, doctors and therapists, but also to other groups: from architects, equipment planners and hospital administrators to installers and trades people on the construction site. We take responsibility as facilitators in the national healthcare arena very seriously.

Our solutions:
The topic of equipment management is rarely addressed by manufacturers of expensive capital equipment, but at Nexxspan it receives our full attention. We create innovative equipment management solutions that work, look good and last — from storage and workplace organization to power and gas distribution. We focus on even the most mundane tasks of patient care.

Check our Products and Services sections for descriptions of our extensive product line and the services we offer.

Our distribution:
Nexxspan has partnered with the world's best experts in the design, distribution and supply of medical capital equipment who now incorporate Nexxspan’s OEM equipment management tools in their products.

If you have questions, would like to obtain additional information, or to schedule a cost-free, no-obligation consultation and equipment audit of your patient environment, contact us by e-mail or call us at 678-578-7800. In case you’re interested in becoming a Nexxspan distributor, please answer our questionnaire.